Thanks for clicking through. I really just wanted to take the opportunity to give everyone at Duddingston GC a flavour of what we will be bringing to the table in terms of Products, Services, Service levels and Added Value.

Products & Brands
We will be providing a comprehensive range of products stuffed full of variety and affordability. On the Hardware front the Brands we will be supporting are Callaway, Ping, Taylormade, Titleist & Wilson and we will very much be encouraging a full Custom Fitting Experience which I will talk about further down. In terms of Apparel we will focus on Galvin Green, Under Armour & Stuburt with Glenmuir providing our Duddingston Crested Range. However we will endeavour to have the Club Crest added to any garment you choose. I`ll talk about Shoes separately so keep reading. We will also have the 'Big Two' in Powakaddy & Motocaddy available in Powered Trollies & Accessories. There will also be a wide variety of GPS Devices, Bags, Accessories & Essentials.

The important message I want to get across is that what we are aiming to provide is much more than just a Shop, I`d like to think of it more as a social Performance Centre. With our main objective being to get you guys and girls playing better and enjoying your golf more. To that end our mantra is 'We Fit For Everything!' - And it`s important to note that that extends well beyond just the Clubs you use.

Getting you the correct equipment is important but doesn`t always mean we will try and sell you something new! When possible it will involve tweaking what you have to suit better, or more likely, tweaking what you do to get the best out of your current equipment. But as I touched on everything you use whilst playing golf has a huge part to play in how you perform so this all needs to 'Fit' correctly as well.


Club Fitting
Hopefully by now you will have seen or heard of the changes we are making to the Shop layout. These are to allow us to create a fantastic Indoor Simulator Golf Room - or SW:ING STUDIO as it is going to be branded. The facility will feature Foresight GC Quad Launch Monitor Technology which provides the most accurate Ball, Swing AND CLUB data on the market. This insight allows us to accurately evaluate which specification of equipment will work best for your swing and shot characteristics.

Wedge Fitting
Similar in many ways to the above, however our Wedge Fitting process covers the importance of Distance Gapping & Turf Interaction. This means getting 'down & dirty' with the Trial Wedges in green grass situations.

Putter Fitting
Again, much like the Wedge Fitting it is a combination of Technological Analysis of your requirements then more organic trial to ensure suitability.

Ball Fitting
Using the Technology at our disposal and the new Indoor Facility we can quickly recommend the best Type of Golf Ball to suit your game. Then through further testing find the best Brand & Model to benefit your performance.

Shoe Fitting
Given that it`s our only anchor to the ground while we swing and then we are expected to walk in the region of 5 miles per round (and that`s if you chit it in a reasonably straight line!!) it`s so important that you get correctly fitting Golf Shoes. Statisically over 70% of Golfers are wearing the wrong Size of Shoe, and in my experience of measuring feet I have found some golfers have been anything up to FOUR SIZES OUT (That is counting 0.5`s as a Size) We offer a very simple, quick but important Shoe Measuring/Fitting service to ensure you walk away with the best Fit for your Foot. Or to coin a phrase I learned whilst in Aberdeen 'Fit Fit Fits Fit Fit!'


We will be offering various levels and lengths of Lessons that again will take advantage of the SW:ING STUDIO for Full Swing Instruction and utilise the other Practice/Training facilities here at the Club. So whether it be your Driving, Iron Play, Short Game, Bunkers, Putting, Course Strategy or Mental Approach you`d like to improve we will be able to help. There will always be Packages available for Gifts, etc. For anyone looking to work on their game we would always prefer to consult and recommend a bespoke tailored program for each individual.

4D Motion Capture
We have the very latest in Motion Capture Technology which uses a series of Club & Body mounted sensors to create a 4 Dimensional picture of your Swing. The 'Ideal' adjusted positions can be then established and it then gives off audio feedback when these positions are achieved (or not!) so you can very quickly build up a feel of where you need to be and how to get there.

SuperSpeed Training System
Everybody wants to hit the Golf Ball further, one of the ingredients that is essential to achieving that is 'SPEED' - SuperSpeed is a Training
System used by many of the World's Top Players and we have it here at Duddingston. When you combine the influence that it can have with the accurate data available via the GC Quad (which measures Swing & Strike characteristics) then it is the best way to maximise your power potential.

Gapping Sessions
The beauty of having the Technology & Facility previously mentioned is that we can accurately chart the distances you hit each Club. This not only educates you into knowing exactly how far you can hit each one, it also allows us to identify any obvious Distance Gaps that you may have and been unaware of.

Practice Packages
Utilising the SW:ING STUDIO, and all its Technology, anyone will be able to have Individual Practice Sessions or Skills Tests in the comfort of the Indoor Simulator where you will receive all the necessary feedback to know that you are practicing correctly.


We have a variety of additional Services that hopefully you`ll find useful?

Online Booking Diary
If any of the above are things are of interest to you then you`ll be glad to know that you can book these up quickly, conveniently and remotely ANYTIME thanks to our Online Booking Diary. You`ll see the Icon for that at the top of the Newsletter you`ve just clicked through from (At the moment it`s not got any availability on it. This will be populated with my availability as soon as we are fully open and I have staff in place.

Simulator Sessions
The Online Booking Diary will also allow you to book 'Fun' social use of the SW:ING STUDIO where you and up to 3 friends can Hire the room to play a selection of Courses or Challenges.

ISP - The 'I SUPPORT' Program
I will be offering every Member the opportunity to get on my ISP Loyalty Program. Anyone who invests or spends £100 in the Shop will get promoted onto the ISP Program. This then entitles that person to a FREE Reward (30 Minute Lesson, Gapping Session, Equipment Analysis) Thereafter every shop purchase is tracked. Once you reach a £500 spend you can 'Cash In' for the following Reward (30 Minute Lesson, Half Price Re-Gripping, Dozen Balls* or £25 Shop Credit - *Half Price Premium Balls) Thereafter for every pound spent on FULL PRICE PURCHASES you accrue 5p of Loyalty Credit that you can cash in at any time.

Trolley & Buggy Memberships
We will be offering Members the opportunity to sign up to a Memberships for Push & Powered Trolleys for anyone wishing to take away the hassle of remembering, bringing, charging or cleaning their manual Trolley, Battery or Power Trolley - Stay tuned for more details.

We will be offering a similar scheme for the 'Sit & Ride' Carts as well.

Your Golf Travel Partnership
As a Foremost Professional I have a Corporate tie in with Your Golf Travel which ensures that any Golf Trip that you book via myself or my Website guarantees you an extra 5% Discount and added extras (Drinks Receptions, Complimentary Buggies*, Unlimited Golf* & Exclusive Area Range Access - *On Selected Trips)

Travel Bag Rental
One other Service that if you are on your Golfing Travels that may be of interest is that we offer an option to simply Hire a Travel Bag rather than buy one to use once a year and sit and fester for the other 51 weeks of a year. These bags are great quality, have all the important features and are renewed every year so you don`t need to worry about how they are handle (well, as long as it doesn`t break your clubs!) and you get all this for only £15 Per Hire.


Junior Scholarship Program
Every year I will award a selected Junior with New Equipment, Balls, Gloves, Coaching and Mentoring as a reward for their achievements and efforts from the previous Season.

I will be running a Season Long Qualifying Campaign that culminates in an End-Of-Season 'Ryder Cup' Style Weekend. The lucky 24 that make it to the Match (16 Automatic Qualifiers - Club Champion & Runner Up + 6 Wildcard Picks) will then be put into 2 Teams. One lead by the CAPtain and the other captained by the PRO. The Teams will face off in 6 Greensomes matches on the Saturday morning and 6 Fourball Matches on the Saturday Afternoon, followed by 12 Singles matches on the Sunday.

Fun & Informative Events
Throughout the Year we will be putting on many short, quick fun events. These will range from Shortgame Championships, Long Drive Challenges, 7 Hole Sprints, Members Clinics, Night Golf and many more.

Exclusive Instore Promotions
One of the massive benefits of being part of Foremost is I can bring you Exclusive products and value added Promotions that you just won`t see in any other Big Box Retailer or Online - Plus when you are able to add them to your ISP Points then you get enormous benefit.

Click & Collect
Whilst the Shop will have a comprehensive Range I know we can`t stock everything. However, I can offer an Online proposition to whereby you can source any brand and product. And even better, have them delivered to collect In Store. If they aren`t suitable, you also just bring them back and we deal with the Return.


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